Our Story

Catalyst Urban Development operates on the belief that truly successful urban and mixed-use development requires skill in the creation of memorable places, customized finance, and public/private collaboration.  This combination of expertise has resulted in Catalyst’s leading portfolio of residential, mixed-use and transit-oriented developments that have received multiple awards from national, state and local industry groups.  Along the way, we have collaborated with over 50 public and private entities since 2009 and procured over $2.5B in debt and equity during this time.  The success of these efforts is rooted in Catalyst’s dynamic team of proven professionals having a strong working relationship and broad range of experience in real estate planning, finance, development and asset management.  As a principally-lead organization, Messrs. Rutherford and Heinsch are directly involved with the Catalyst team in these activities throughout the life of our property assets, and are committed to creating quality experiences for our investors and the communities we work within.


Paris Rutherford

Paris Rutherford founded Catalyst to create profitable urban development by delivering on the broader community’s desire for Great Places as defined through design, market and social success.

For nearly 30 years, Mr. Rutherford has had a consistent track record in the creation of market-leading mixed-use and urban apartment communities. He has prepared successful development strategies for hallmark destinations across the United States, and was instrumental in the rejuvenation of urban districts in Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta and other cities through walkable urbanism.

Since Catalyst’s inception, Mr. Rutherford has helped guide the company’s award-winning development, finance and strategic planning efforts following a methodology that builds successful relationships and investor returns. Previously, Mr. Rutherford was a managing partner at RTKL Associates where he lead the firm’s global planning practice and served on its Board of Directors. His work has been highlighted in such publications as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Urban Land Magazine. He has spoken at leading venues such as the National Press Club, Urban Land Institute, and ICSC among others, and has been featured on CNBC’s Closing Bell and PBS’s News Hour for his ideas and work. Mr. Rutherford is a graduate of the University of Southern California and Harvard University.

Rhys Heinsch

Rhys Heinsch founded Catalyst to create profitable urban development through innovative techniques in customized finance and public/private collaboration.

Since Catalyst’s inception, Mr. Heinsch has overseen the Company’s portfolio and investment strategy through development, disposition, and asset management activities. He has successfully underwritten, structured, and closed transactions for over $2.5 billion in debt, equity and complex public private partnerships across 200+ transactions that include the use of structured bonds, grants, tax increment financing, and municipal management districts. Through this process, Mr. Heinsch has helped guide Catalyst’s portfolio to leading positions in multiple markets through his strategic management and team approach.

Recognized for innovative capital and deal structuring, Mr. Heinsch has been asked to speak at Harvard University, the American Planning Association and other prominent venues. Prior to forming Catalyst, Mr. Heinsch was Vice President of Finance at Woodmont Investment Company engaged in multiple land and development transactions, and Investment Analyst at the Crow Family Holdings. He is a graduate of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and holds a dual degree in finance and accounting.

Our Approach

Catalyst utilizes a customized and multidisciplinary process in which economic, placemaking and social goals are consolidated into guiding principles for each project effort.  Whether performing a planning analysis or guiding the design of a development, we utilize innovative strategies informed by market vision to stay ahead of immediate trends while devising solutions that stand the test of time. Our approach is informed by our history of preparing successful real estate strategies for successful projects around the United States that include multiple developments that have been identified as hallmark projects by the national real estate industry.

Experienced Team

More than 25 million SF of diverse real estate experience

Solid Investments

Strategic positioning of public and private capital

Proven Leadership

Market knowledge and effective quality control

Innovative Work

More than 95 national, regional and local industry awards

Principally Driven

Our leadership is directly involved in our work

Broad Perspective

Specialists in urban planning, finance and accounting, development and investment strategy

Our Services

The Catalyst team is comprised of passionate professionals with a diverse range of experience including real estate development, finance, accounting, urban planning, property management, project leasing, construction management and other real estate-centered pursuits. As a result, our team undertakes a range of activities for both our account, and that of our investors and other third-party interests.


Whether working at the scale of a master development or individual building, Catalyst’s strength in planning, finance and development customizes our approaches towards successful and innovative project results.


Catalyst’s multifaceted experience has forged our unique approach to the procurement of capital in which both traditional and public sources are utilized to create specific funding solutions specific to each project’s needs.


Catalyst utilizes its nationally recognized experience in urban planning to devise compelling strategies that have led to industry-leading results for both public and private entities.

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