The Catalyst team has been dedicated to creating excellent places for people to live, work, shop and play for more than two decades. As planners, developers, finance specialists, and investors, our team members have a diverse portfolio of career experience representing over $5 billion of investment in mixed-use, transit-oriented, office, retail, hotel and multifamily developments.

Our approach utilizes a customized and multidisciplinary effort in which economic, physical and social goals are consolidated into guiding principles for each project. Through innovative strategies and market vision, we strive to ensure that we stay one step ahead of the trends, and our development process has been structured to deliver on our promises. Our approach is rooted in our successful experiences preparing and implementing strategies while at such other industry leading companies as RTKL Associates and Crow Family Holdings.

Experienced Team – Over 25 million sf of diverse real estate experience

Solid Investments – Strategic positioning of public and private capital

Innovative Work – Over 85 national, regional and local industry awards

Proven Leadership – Market knowledge and effective quality control

Principally Driven – Our leadership is directly involved in our work

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