The Catalyst team is comprised of professionals with a diverse range of experience including real estate development, finance, urban planning, property management, project leasing, construction management and other real estate centered pursuits.  As a result, our team undertakes a range of activities for both our account and that of our partners and other third party interests.

Catalyst’s core focus revolves around its project development efforts.  Our diverse backgrounds coalesce to inform innovative solutions rooted in our time-tested experience in finance, design, and implementation concepts.  These efforts coordinate a master development strategy for larger public or private holdings in which a multiple phase approach is warranted, while also focusing on singular vertical development efforts on defined sites.  Whether operating at the scale of the master plan or project, Catalyst calibrates its project approach towards the achievement of excellent returns and successful project results both for itself and its investors.

Catalyst’s multidisciplinary experience has refined a unique approach to the procurement of capital in which public and private sources are carefully structured to achieve desirable project funding.  This includes our detailed knowledge of various Federal and State debt and equity programs, and the annual scale of our efforts allows us to achieve a critical mass in certain capital markets that benefits both Catalyst and our third party clients.

Catalyst utilizes its Principal’s long history in successful urban planning to devise compelling visions and redevelopment strategies for both public and private entities.  These plans are informed by Catalyst’s experiences as real investor and developer, and are unique within the urban planning marketplace due to the high percentage of successful implementation our approach has garnered.

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