DART Station Area Planning

Dallas, Texas

Once the initial phasing of rail transit construction was complete on the DART system, the City of Dallas initiated a process to induce private investment around its rail stations to create walkable urban districts with range of uses to activate the community from the daytime through evening.  After several years of such efforts, it became clear there were seven stations that were not gaining such market traction.  As a result, the City of Dallas initiated a planning effort to focus specifically on these lower performing station areas to devise plans to help encourage new investment and placemaking around them.

Working as part of a larger team lead by Fregonese Associates, Catalyst was engaged to prepare station area plans for these seven DART light rail stations in the southern and eastern quadrants of the City.  Using market analysis provided by the team, and our specific understanding of each station area, Catalyst prepared plans with specific development projects identified. Over $50 million in new development has occurred after these plans were put in place.

Client: City of Dallas

Status: Plan Adopted and over $50 million has been added to the City's tax base

Services: Master Planning