Richardson Gateway

Richardson, Texas | In Development

Richardson Gateway is a major suburban redevelopment to form an authentic urban experience in the historic center of the Richardson community. This public/private partnership forms a mixed-use urban quadrant of the larger downtown Richardson redevelopment neighborhood. It is set up on a pedestrian-friendly street grid defined by walkable streetscapes, a diversity of building type and architectural massing, programmed open spaces, and quality design in both hard and softscape throughout. The development plan combines a four and five story mixed-use building along the Main Street frontage, two townhome blocks with two and three story urban residences, a destination restaurant block and an enhanced existing office tower block. The existing office tower block has been planned to accommodate new restaurant space through renovation. The plan assembly has been strategically organized to allow for an authentic urban experience for those that live, shop and work in its community by providing pleasant walking experiences on wide sidewalks with plentiful shade trees and interactive buildings and meaningful open spaces throughout. When completed, the development district will bring the same kind of memorable urban experiences and authentic streetscapes to this suburban location as are present in the redevelopment of older urban districts.