DCTA Station Area Planning

Denton County, Texas

With the greater metropolitan area of DFW expanding at tremendous pace, the voters of Denton County approved the creation of a new transit authority DCTA with emphasis on a commuter rail station connecting downtown Denton to the DART light rail system in the adjacent county.  Once the system was operational for a few years, DCTA has begun focusing its attention on strategies to help increase ridership that include planning for transit-oriented development.  Catalyst has worked with DCTA over several years on the exploration of multiple programming concepts and related station area plans for 5 of its 6 commuter rail station along the A-Train.  These plans were prepared to help guide the member cities in their land use policies, to provide new visions of opportunity to various land owners and developers, and for the transportation agency itself to help clarify its role in transit oriented development and opportunities inherent in its land holdings.

As part of this process, Catalyst was also engaged by several cities along the line to provide greater detail in station area planning and related zoning strategy, as well as economic development plans to help induce private investment towards the implementation of these plans.  This included a new master plan for downtown Lewisville that identified multiple development project opportunities that are now being implemented, and currently includes such planning for the City of Corinth’s city center.

Client: Denton County Transportation Agency

Status: Plans accepted and in process of implementation with the member cities

Services: Station Area Planning, Market Analysis, Land Use Programming