Lewisville 2025 Plan

Lewisville, Texas

Lewisville has enjoyed a central position within the DFW region offering its population proximity to DFW International Airport, commercial uses along Interstate 35, and Lake Lewisville.  With a large portion of the City having built out, an aging residential and commercial building stock developed through suburban development patterns, and an emerging market preference towards walkable urbanism and desired access to natural amenities, the City undertook an update of its Comprehensive Plan.  The goal of this effort was to provide a new vision of how the City could induce new forms of investment while harnessing the conventional market to improve the City’s quality of life.

As part of a larger consultant team lead by Freese and Nichols Engineers, Catalyst was engaged to assist in the preparation of this Lewisville 2025 Vision Plan.  Catalyst’s efforts included helping facilitate stakeholder worksessions to gain citizen input and desired approaches, preparing market analysis and programming forecasts to assist the planning effort, undertaking visioning exercises to imagine new opportunities for the City, and specific work on the urban design and housing sections of the plan.  These efforts resulted in a plan that focused on opportunity zones within the city for reinvestment around a mixed-use strategy, strengthening of the historic downtown through transit-oriented development, and a larger focus on the Trinity River and large wilderness area below Lake Lewisville dam as a central green centerpiece for the City to be reoriented towards over time.

Client: City of Lewisville

Awards: State of Texas APA

Status: Plan Adopted

Services: Market Analysis, Housing Analysis, Urban Design and Planning